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The value of employee engagement

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Your company makes a significant investment in health care benefits and other programs on behalf of your employees. That’s why it’s important to ensure that employees understand and use their health benefits in a way that supports their health and well‑being.

This is where employee engagement comes in. When your employees opt in to receive messages from us via email or text, we can help them live their healthiest lives and lower costs for you and them.

Unhealthy employees can hurt a healthy bottom line

Unhealthy employees can have a profound impact on workforce productivity, engagement, and ultimately your bottom line. Poor health results in a $530 billion loss in employee productivity annually — $198 billion of that can be attributed to chronic health conditions.

What’s even more concerning for employers is that chronic conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and behavioral health conditions, result in 1.4 billion days of absence and illness‑related lost productivity annually.

Reaching members where they are

Employee engagement is about anticipating and avoiding poor health before it happens and about empowering employees to make healthier decisions.

When members opt in to receive digital messages via text and email, we tailor the information we send based on the needs of each individual to help them get or stay healthy.

A smartphone with the AmeriHealth Administrators mobile site on the screen.
Infographic: 60% of our members and 70% of our subscribers are digitally engaged.

And for members who need more personalized care, we promote the availability of our case managers, who can help them manage their health conditions. Our data shows that members who are digitally engaged are 45 percent more likely to speak with a case manager.

Infographic: Member engagement improves utilization and outcomes. - 14% less likely to use the ER for non-emergent reasons - 42% more likely to be compliant with their medication regimen - 11% more compliant with gap-related tests & screenings - 20% more likely to switch from brand to generic drugs

Taking a digital-first approach

Later this year, we will be embracing a “digital-first” approach to all communications. This means that if a member is opted in to messages via text or email, he or she will be able to receive system-generated and mandatory communications such as Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) via these channels, instead of through the mail.

For more information about how you can improve engagement among your employees please contact your account executive.

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To encourage your employees to become digitally engaged, share this flyer.

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