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Supporting women’s health and family planning

By March 29, 2024Health & Wellness
A young pregnant woman sitting on the sofa at home with her husband and daughter

Did you know that there are nearly 4 million births in the U.S. annually, and nearly $14 billion are spent on childbirth each year within the U.S.? The cost of childbirth can be a challenge to both your employees and your organization. Further, moms and babies often don’t receive the support they need during this significant time in their lives.

Infographic: Childbirth is the most common cause of hospitalization in the U.S. Nearly 4M births in the U.S. annually. $14B estimated national spend.

At AmeriHealth Administrators, in addition to medical coverage, our members receive access to valuable programs and resources that offer personalized, high‑touch support for a healthier family planning journey.

Family planning: Fertility, pregnancy, and parenting

When your members log in at they have 24/7 access to our Family Planning tool, where they can review a list of common prenatal tests, estimate costs for tests and screenings, and compare providers.

Progyny logo

New for 2024, AmeriHealth Administrators has partnered with Progyny, a market‑leading infertility solution for reproductive health, those trying to conceive, and those who need fertility care.

Ovia Health logo

Ovia Health* provides personalized, self‑guided digital support for pre‑conception, pregnancy, and parenting. Ovia Health includes a suite of mobile apps covering reproductive health, planning and starting a family, navigating pregnancy, and balancing life as a working parent.

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Our Baby Beginnings program is a comprehensive, free maternity program that offers health coaching from perinatal nurses, education by trimester, risk assessments, and individualized support.

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Our comprehensive NICU Program, included as part of Complex Case Management, offers personalized outreach from NICU registered nurses, availability of an on‑staff neonatologist, and access to a lactation consultant.

Navigating the postpartum period and beyond

The postpartum period and beyond can pose unique challenges. That’s why we also offer specific solutions to support this stage in a woman’s life.

Logo for Bloom

AmeriHealth Administrators partners with Sword to offer Bloom to help address pelvic health disorders from the comfort of home.

Through Bloom, members can connect with Pelvic Health Specialists to create a unique clinical program tailored to each member’s needs. Bloom’s pelvic therapy can also help with reproductive health and pregnancy.

Ovia Heath* offers members a digital menopause solution with comprehensive health tracking and educational resources on menopause symptoms, like managing menopause and mental well‑being during menopause.

By engaging women early and often and empowering members with information and support to navigate the complexities of their family planning journey, our extensive solutions help drive cost reduction and improved outcomes for moms and babies.

For more information about these solutions, please contact your account representative.

*Available as a buy‑up solution to self‑funded customers

1 in 5 women experience a mental health illness versus only 1 in 8 men. 1AmeriHealth Administrators members have many resources available to support their emotional well-being during every stage of life.

This content was originally published in the AmeriHealth Administrators Insider email newsletter.

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