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By September 20, 2017April 8th, 2021Health & Wellness Newsroom

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among American women.1 Nearly one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.1

In addition to being a common cancer, breast cancer treatment can be very costly. In 2010, breast cancer treatment accounted for $16.5 billion in medical costs, according to the American Cancer Society.2 It was more costly than all the other types of cancers including colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.2 In 2020, the medical cost of breast cancer is predicted to exceed $25 billion.2 This amount excludes other types of costs such as lost productivity, which can add more to the financial burden.

Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer, there are ways to help lower the risk and detect it at an early stage. Detecting breast cancer at an early stage with regular mammogram screenings can help make cancer treatment easier. The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends having a screening mammogram every two years if you are between 50 and 74 years old.3

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