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By July 18, 2017April 8th, 2021Benefit Strategies Newsroom

Say hello to the future of health care

It’s a tumultuous time in the health care industry. Health care reform, regulatory mandates, and plan design innovations require the industry to embrace new technologies that help plan sponsors improve the quality and delivery of health care while managing their overall costs. That new reality inspired us to evaluate our entire infrastructure to ensure we are prepared to help customers meet the challenges of next generation health care. Yet technology alone isn’t the entire answer. Without organizational change, new technology can miss the mark.

An understanding of customer needs led to our enterprise transformation: the adoption of new technologies; and the overall shift in the company culture and processes that accompanied the technological change.

Harnessing the power of technology

With all the changes in the marketplace, we recognized that we needed to upgrade our technology to help customers create sophisticated solutions that reduce costs while improving outcomes. This meant moving away from our legacy systems and adopting more nimble, advanced technology that offers customers:

  • more flexibility in plan design;
  • the ability to meet the constant changes in the regulatory climate;
  • faster configuration processes to speed implementation of innovations.

Central to our transformation was replacing our core adjudication platform. An intensive selection process evaluated the most prominent vendors in the industry, leading to our final selection — HealthEdge — a platform that is an anchor to our LEAP Technology.

Positioning you for the future

Three key factors made our platform selection the obvious choice: flexibility, adaptability, and cross-platform compatibility. With this new technology we can help you develop smart, winning solutions for today, and quickly adapt to changes in the future. Here’s a closer look at AmeriHealth Administrators’ new key advantages:

  • ability to administer more complex plan designs;
  • faster processes to accommodate rapidly changing market demands;
  • enhanced online capabilities;
  • flexibility to respond to future changes in the health care regulatory environment;
  • delivery of a better overall customer experience.

We took a critical step by placing an advanced adjudication platform at the core of the transformation. But the platform isn’t the end game. To realize the full value of this investment, we needed to connect to the rest of the world.

Keeping you connected

In order to connect with other systems, we built a proprietary system based on agile technology. This infrastructure creates advanced communications and data exchange capabilities that make it easy to connect our systems to the ever-evolving world of health care. Our LEAP Technology is as dynamic as the marketplace it serves. It allows us to exchange data between disparate systems across all sectors of the health care ecosystem to give you access to the power of information.

Putting the customer first

The decision to invest in new technology was essentially a decision to invest in you, our customer. However, the advancement of technology isn’t the only component to our enterprise transformation — the culture shift is significant as well. To better meet your needs, we adopted a new customer-centric model that places more emphasis on education, consultation, and innovation. With this new company-wide philosophy coupled with the new technological capabilities, we are well-positioned to offer smart, winning solutions to meet the toughest health care challenges.

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AmeriHealth Administrators LEAP Technology is the engine to power self-funded health plans into the future. Contact your broker or AmeriHealth Administrators representative to learn how we can help you prepare for the future of health care.