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Helping employees achieve their best mental health

By May 2, 2024May 13th, 2024Health & Wellness
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Your employees’ mental and physical health are equally important to their overall health. That’s why AmeriHealth Administrators takes an integrated approach to behavioral health care with offerings and insights to help them live their best lives.

Mental Health Coaching by Teladoc Health

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Our integrated offering now includes Mental Health Coaching by Teladoc Health (formerly MyStrength), a digital mental health resource to help members who need support for the most prevalent mental health conditions.

Graphic: Mental Health Coaching breaks mental health barriers. 56% of people don't know their diagnosis. 69% find navigating multiple apps overwhelming.

Mental Health Coaching makes finding the right mental health support easy. This digital tool offers evidence‑based, self‑guided digital content and tools to support your employees through their mental health journey.

Shatterproof Treatment Atlas tool

Members have access to Atlas, a free online tool that connects them or their loved ones with trustworthy, in‑network addiction treatment.

It contains a comprehensive list of addiction treatment providers, including hospital‑based inpatient facilities, residential facilities, and intensive outpatient services. Employees can access the tool at or by calling the Mental Health/Substance Abuse number on the back of their ID cards, and talking to a Customer Care Advocate.

What’s so funny about mental health?

We’ve all heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine.” Well, it turns out, it might be true. Laughing, smiling, and finding joy is good for your mental health.

Laughter can help people stay mentally healthy and produce positive physical and emotional changes in the body, including strengthening the immune system, reducing tension, easing pain, and minimizing stress.

The healing benefits of laughter

We know that laughing makes us feel good in the moment, but laughing on a regular basis also has beneficial, long‑term psychological effects. Some health care professionals have even prescribed more laughter as a way to improve overall well‑being because it is natural, free, and easy to reap the benefits.

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