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By July 18, 2017April 8th, 2021Health & Wellness Newsroom

Immunizations, such as vaccinations, can help save health plan dollars. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccinations will help save $295 billion in direct costs and approximately $1.38 trillion in total societal costs.1 In fact, vaccinations are estimated to help prevent 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths among children born in the last 20 years.1 A pediatric study reports that routine childhood immunization in the United States will prevent an estimated 42,000 early deaths and 20 million cases of disease, with savings of $13.5 billion in direct costs and $68.8 billion in societal costs.2

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans get sick from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines.Diseases including measles, hepatitis A and B, mumps, meningitis, and the flu, all have corresponding vaccinations that help people immunize against them.4 Raising awareness about immunization and preventive care services can potentially help lower lost productivity and decrease health care costs.

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