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AmeriHealth introduces Vistia Health to help simplify the health care experience

By April 5, 2023Newsroom
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Increase employee engagement and lower costs with Vistia Health

AmeriHealth Administrators, a national third-party administrator, has launched Vistia Health to enhance the member experience. Through compassionate, personalized navigation, Vistia Health works to cut through the complexities of health care and change how employers and employees interact with care management.

“Our clients rely on us to provide new and innovative ways to increase employee engagement while delivering measurable health improvements and cost savings. Vistia Health meets all of those needs with one comprehensive program that helps make the health care journey more efficient, personalized, and simple,” said Mike Sullivan, AmeriHealth Administrators president and CEO.

Vistia Health supports the unique needs and perspectives of individuals to build a more coordinated and effective health care experience. Combining data and insights with personalized outreach, Vistia Health also provides integration of medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, and other solutions. This results in empowered members who become more informed health care consumers and can more easily navigate the complexities of health care systems.

Sullivan continued: “Comprehensive health benefits focused on whole-person health are a critical tool for talent retention and management. Vistia Health’s advantages are two-fold. The solution offers employers customized care coordination and advocacy services, and covered members and their dependents are provided individualized guidance and support on their health care journey.”

Meeting employer needs

Employers with Vistia Health can expect:

  • A healthier workforce
  • Better health outcomes
  • Lower costs

Vistia Health’s care management team uses proven and effective tools that have resulted in employers saving nearly $1,000 on average per month for each employee actively engaged with a registered nurse health coach. Additionally, 97 percent of employees expressed satisfaction with their care management experience.

Customers interested in learning more about Vistia Health can visit or contact their AmeriHealth Administrators sales representative.

Kathleen Conlon